Coronado VA Condo Loans -VA Loans to buy or refinance Condo's and Condominiums in Coronado

VanDyk Mortgage is a Direct Lender offering VA Loans to purchase or refinance Condominiums. VA Loans and VA Jumbo Loans for Condominiums require as little as zero down payment. Conventional Agencies Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac have many restrictions on Condos, in the form of both reduced eligibility and increased rates for Condo's.  FHA also recently changed it's rules for Condominium eligibility as well, making it even harder for Sellers and Listing Agents to sell Condo's.

In comes the VA to the rescue for Condo Buyers and Condo homeowners. To qualify for a VanDyk VA Condo Loan, the condo must be on the VA Approved Condo list, which includes many existing complexes. You can search for VA Approved Condos yourself, or let us assist you,we are here to help.

VanDyk Mortgage offers VA financing on Condos with VA Loans up to $484,350 and we also offer VA Jumbo Loans for Condo's up to $690,000 with zero down (up to the County VA Loan Limits). This includes Purchase, Refinance, and the popular VA IRRRL, or VA Streamline Refinance.

For a Coronado VA Condo purchase or refinance above the Coronado VA Loan limit of $690,000, the Veteran must make an accompanying down payment of 25% of the difference between the loan limit (assuming full entitlement eligibility for the Veteran). Here are a couple of examples:

  • 100% financing up to $690,000
  • A $850k Coronado VA Home Purchase would only require a $40,000 down payment - 4.706% 
  • A $1.2M Coronado VA Home Purchase would only require a $127,500 down payment - 10.625% 

We offer VA Loans for Condo's throughout California & Washington state. Condo's in cities like San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Coronado, San Jose, Seattle, Bellevue, Ventura, and Irvine can qualify for VA Condo Loans.

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