100% Financing Options

There are several options for 100% financing on a new home.   This is the equivalent of zero down payment. 

VA Loans and VA Jumbo Loans

VA Loans require zero down up to the county VA Loan Limit for qualfied Veterans.   The County VA Loan Limits start at a base of $453,100.   Most USA counties are at $453K for VA Loans.   Higher cost areas can have VA Loan Limits up to $679,650.  VA Loans that exceed $453k are known as VA Jumbo Loans or VA High Balance Loans.  High Cost counties include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alameda, San Diego, Orange, Santa Clara, etc.    We allow qualified Veterans and Active Duty Military Buyers to exceed the County Loan limit.  These loans that exceed the county loan limit require a down payment equivalent to 25% of the purchase price that exceeds the county loan limit.   So for a $553K home in Riverside California, where the VA loan limit is $453K,  the minimum down payment is $25K.   Please be sure to contact us for help with your VA Loan Questions or to get started on your VA Loan. 


USDA RD Loans (aka Rural Development) allow for up to 100% financing.   These loans are available in many less densely populated areas.   Please visit our USDA Rural Development page for detailed info.

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