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Self-Employed Buyers can qualify using Bank Statements ? No Tax Returns required.

VanDyk Mortgage now has the ability to qualify self-employed borrowers using their bank statements ? no tax returns required!   This is a great new program that can make it easier for self-employed home buyers to purchase homes.    

  •  Self-Employed Bank Statement program details: 
  •  Loan amounts up to $3m
  •  Use 12 or 24 month bank statements or asset depletion to qualify
  •  No tax transcripts or tax returns required
  • Debt Ratios up to 50%
  • 620 minimum Fico score
  • 3+ years out from major derogatory credit event
  • $1.25M Cash Out at 80% LTV, up to $1m cash in hand
  • Up to 15 financed properties
  • Available in 30 yr fixed, 5/1 , 7/1 & 10/1 ARMs

 We also offer other solutions for Jumbo Financing, please call Brian Skaar for details at 760-752-4480.

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