The return of the Home Ownership Accelerator  (HOA)

One of the unfortunate casualties of the Mortgage Meltdown was the Home Ownership Accelerator loan program. This loan program allowed USA homeowners the power to utilize interest saving techniques used in Australia & much of Europe to pay off their Home Mortgage Early without paying any extra money each month. The Program has helped thousands of US homeowners speed up their loan payoff while maintaining their current lifestyle and no reduction in available spending money. The program was a victim of the credit crunch and was halted this past summer, as Secondary loan markets were cut off for non vanilla loan types.

These are not risky loans. In fact, when paired with Responsible Homeowners with financial discipline, these are a fantastic wealth builder. Unfortunately, the emotions of Wall Street froze the product for most of 2008.

Well, we are proud to announce that the Home Ownership Accelerator coming back soon, and VanDyk Mortgage has been chosen to be an exclusive Lender Partner for the re-introduction of the Home Ownership Accelerator program. This product won't be available to all Lenders and Brokerages this time around. VanDyk Mortgage was selected as an exclusing partner for the HOA due to our strong track record in origination of quality loans properly matched to clients for the best fit, affordability, and sustainability.

If you would like to be notified when the HOA or Home Ownership Accelerator is available again, send an email to us at or call Brian Skaar at 760-752-4480.