VA Loans - the Good, the Bad, and the Gray. 

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VA Loans - the Good, the Bad, and the Gray.

I am not talking about gray hair here, I have enough to go around.  I want to discuss VA loans and Gray areas. Most loan programs have black and white rules. VA loan guidelines have a lot of Gray areas. This can be good or bad, depending on the Loan Officer and Lender that Veteran is working with.

The good news is that when you work with a VA loan pro, they will be able to help more Veterans get qualified by utilizing their knowledge of the gray areas to get Veterans approved for their VA financing.

The bad news is that with a Loan Officer or Lender that is not good with VA (this includes many big banks, large credit unions and large lenders that profess to help Veterans and have names like VA, Veteran, Navy, USA, etc in their name). When working with these folks, the gray areas can come back to haunt the Veteran buyer and result in denied VA loans.  VA Loans that experienced VA Loan Officers can make happen.

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