VA Condo Loans - VA Loans for the purchase or refinance Condo's and Condominiums. 

VanDyk Mortgage offers VA Loans for the purchase or refinance of Condominiums.  While changes in the past few years have made it difficult to purchase condo's with FHA and Conventional loans, VA allows many benefits and advantages when financing a Condo.

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The first step is to determine if the condo unit qualifies for a VanDyk VA Condo Loan.  To qualify, the condo must be on the VA Approved Condo list, which includes many existing complexes.   You can search here for VA Approved Condos .   We are also here to help,  simply call us so we can help research the Condo's Eligibility for a VA Loan.

VanDyk Mortgage offers VA financing on Condos with VA Loans and VA Jumbo Loans up to $2M for qualified Veterans with full VA Entitlement available.  We also offer VA loans and VA Jumbo Loans for Condos up to $2M for qualified Veterans with partial VA Entitlement available with an down payment.   Calculations for the required down payment will be specific to your situation.  It's a factor of the County VA Loan Limits, your remaining VA Entitlement, and the purchase price of the home.  The VA loan limit is $1,089,300 in many of the Bay Area counties, $1,089,300 in LA and the OC, $977K in San Diego, and up to $977K in Seattle).   This includes Purchase, Refinance, and the popular VA IRRRL, or VA Streamline Refinance.  *** We allow VA IRRRL's to exceed County Loan Limits without recalculating remaining VA Entitlement or VA Loan Limits.   

We offer VA Loans for Condo's throughout California & Washington state.   Condos in cities like San FranciscoOaklandLong BeachLos AngelesSan Diego, San Jose, SeattleTacoma,  Bellevue, Coronado,  Santa Monica, and Irvine can qualify for VA Condo Loans.  

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